What to Expect After Signing up
We take your health and performance seriously, and by committing to this program we know that you do to. We have put together tools and programs to help ensure your success in your path towards the healthiest version of yourself and maximal human performance.
1. Client Intake Form
You will immediately receive the “CHEP Client Intake Form” and the email of your coach. You will be required to fill out this form in its entirety and email it to your coach.
2. Onboarding Email
You will receive an email from your coach that outlines several aspects of the program that we will initially want you to focus on
3. Your References
You will receive your references including:

  1. The Rules of the Diet
  2. Your “To-Eat Foods”
  3. Your Macro Guidelines
4. Meal Prescriptions
You will be getting an entire day of meals including quantities of each food to precisely meet your macronutrient recommendations. Most clients have success in eventually creating their own meal plan to meet their macronutrient recommendations, but this prescription will ensure that you are able to hit the ground running.
5. Habit Action Plan
You will receive a Habit Action Plan that contains daily actionable items that will help you reach your goals. Performance clients will receive a completely personalized Habit Action Plan that distills your short-term and long-term goals into daily actionable items.
6. Principle 1
You will be receiving the first principle of the program (Consistency) and be asked to communicate with your coach 3 ways that you can implement that principle in your life.
7. Recommended Readings
Mind and Body Clients will receive recommended readings for the week. These recommended readings have been curated specifically for your goals. We believe this education will help foment the importance of what we are doing for our long term health and performance.
8. First Weekly Check In
At the conclusion of your first week, you will have a check in with your coach. You will complete your “Week in Review”, provide your coach pictures of your progress, and set goals for the coming week.
Whew! You’ve made it
You’ve taken your first step. The first week is the hardest. Be prepared to start seeing results and unlocking your next level of performance.

Are you ready?

Optimize your mind, achieve the body of your dreams, improve your overall health, and develop your athletic abilities. We know you want to.