About Your Daily Data

Your daily readings are the data points that drive the detailed analytics. Consistency in entering your daily readings will allow statistical significance to be built quickly and more accurately. Missing data points may keep your coach from being able to elucidate your specific data-driven recommendations. The readings are taken through chemeperformance.com/login/dailydata and I would suggest to add this to your phone’s home screen by following this link: Adding Site to Home Screen

A) Sleep Duration and Sleep Quality

Enter Duration and Sleep Quality (I recommend using the sleep cycle app or your WHOOP)

Sleep Duration

Example of Correct Log: 6:30

Sleep Quality

Example of Correct Log: 75

This has to come from an app. If you have a whoop, it will show your “Hours of Sleep”. This is your sleep duration. It also gives your sleep performance as a %. This is your Sleep Quality. If you are using the Sleep Cycle App (free app on both iPhone and Android), then it will give you your “Time in Bed”. This is your duration. It also gives your “Sleep Quality”. This is your Sleep Quality. If you have another app that you like to use, please let your coach know which app you are using.

B) Weight

Enter your weight in pounds

Example of Correct Log: 185

You will need access to a scale that you can weigh at the same time each day. My recommendation is to weigh first thing in the morning after you have used the restroom. Your weight fluctuates throughout the day and the more consistent we can be with time of weighing is more accuracy for tracking your weight.

C) Workout Duration and Workout Intensity

Enter duration (in minutes) and your RPE (rate of perceived exertion) 1-10

Workout Duration

Example of Correct Log: 45

Workout Intensity: 8

The duration is the amount of time that you spent performing your activity. If you warm up for 30 minutes before a 20 minute run, your duration is 20 minutes. For CrossFit, if you perform a 14 minute EMOM before a 20 minute WOD, then you duration is 34. 

Multiple Workouts

If you performed multiple workouts, please answer yes to the question. You will answer other workout details in the notes of your log. 

See below for the RPE Scale:

D) Workout Modality

What did you do? (Lift weights, CrossFit, Run, etc.)

Example of Correct Log: Running

Let your coach know if you have any specific questions regarding entering your Workout Modality.

E) Percieved Performance

How well did you perform in the gym? 0-100% (an average performance should be 70%)

Example of Correct Log: 80

This is a quantitative input of how well you felt you performed in training. Do you best to stay consistent with how you rank various days. An average performance from you should be 70%. If you feel that you have performed above average then let the number reflect that.

F) Perceived Wellbeing

How did you feel throughout the day? How was your mood? How much energy did you have? 0-100% (an average wellbeing should be 70%)

Example of Correct Log: 55

This is a quantitative input of how well you felt throughout your day. Do you best to stay consistent with how you rank various days. This should be a combination of your mood, how productive you were, how well your body felt outside of the gym, and your energy levels.

G) “Clean Food”

How much of your total food consumption came from your list of “To Eat Foods” ? 0-100%

Example of Correct Log: 85

Approximate the number of calories that came from your perscribed food list and add to that the number of calories that came from foods that did not come from this list. For example, if I ate 2600 calories from whole nutritious food, then ate a 400 calorie snickers bar, I would report 2600/3000*100%=87%

H) Hunger Level

1-10 (1 = no hunger, 10 = “I’m going to die” hunger)

Example of Correct Log: 4

This should be your general feeling of hunger throughout the day. If you remember being unusually hungry, then it should be ranked over 6.

I) Average HR, HRV, Total Calories Burned and Other Notes

Average HR, HRV, and Calories burned (in that order) from your WHOOP or any other notes that you believe your coach should know

Example of Correct Log: 65, 70, 2856

Example of Correct Log: While I feel like I performed well in the gym today, I think I may have tweaked my hamstring


If you have a WHOOP or Apple Watch or many other fitness wearables you should be able to input your Average Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, and Calories Burned. Your note can be any information that you believe that your coach should know as it may impact your program or explain changes in future logs.