Other Products

Besides Personalized Nutrition Coaching Plans, we also offer Food Sensitivity Testing, Competition Consulting, and Specialty Lab Work. 


Food Sensitivity Testing

Our food sensitivity testing is one of the most comprehensive panels you will find available online. You will be testing for over 400 different food sensitivities. In addition to food sensitivities, you will also be tested for: 

-Nutrient Deficiencies

-Metal Sensitivities

The IgE sensitivity testing is found to be remarkably accurate, and we strongly believe in its ability to perfect your personalized nutrition regimen.

Competition Consulting

Make sure that everything is exactly right leading up to your big day. Purchase this package one month before your competition. We will do a thorough assessment of where you are at, and optimize everything leading up to the competition. You will get a completely personalized meal-by-meal breakdown of what to eat and when on competition day. You will receive recommended supplements. You will also receive a one-hour phone consultation to answer any other questions that you may have leading up to the competition.