Oklahoma Fit Nutrition Challenge June 3rd – September 2nd


Oklahoma Fit has specifically picked June 3rd – September 2nd to run their nutrition challenge. Most people struggle during these summer months (but want a six pack the most during this time!). With a little bit of focus on what we eat, working out, and sleep, we honestly believe that you can charge through the summer season without gaining unwanted weight, but still enjoying food and family from on the Fourth of July to the family vacations.

You will receive personalized nutrition recommendations built around your body and schedule. You will also get an example meal plan to take the guesswork out of how to reach your macronutrient recommendations. You’ll recieve a 30 page frequently asked question document, a calculator tool for example serving sizes, and the program outline that stresses all the areas we are looking to improve on!

We are all incredibly excited about this challenge. We want to stress that this is not a weight loss competition and the winners of the competition will not necessarily be the ones who lost the most weight. We cannot wait to see how transformative focusing on health through nutrition can be.

Step 1: Basic Information

To create your personalized plan, we just need a little bit of information about you. Before you purchase one of the challenges, please fill out this form. Once the form is filled out, click submit at the bottom.

You will be added to the group "CHEP Clients and Challenges" to ask questions and share your victories with others.
What's a good email for you?
This is used to calculate your target macronutrient recommendations.
This is used to calculate your target macronutrient recommendations.
This is used to calculate your target macronutrient recommendations.
This is used to calculate your target macronutrient recommendations
Tell us what you do. Do you sit at a desk all day? Are you on your feet all day? A combination?
This is used to put together your pre and post workout nutrition plan.
List three things that you want to focus on this week. An example would be "Don't eat any candy all week." These can be in and out of the gym. Write these three goals down and look at them throughout the week. Every Sunday you will be asked to review these three goals and how far you got on them.

Step 2: Pay for your plan

Click the link below and you’ll be taken to the payment portal to pay for your plan! Your credit card information is processed by square or stripe and never stored. 

Step 3: Get Ready for a Transformative Challenge!

We will begin the challenge on June 3rd and the challenge will run through September 2nd. You will receive a copy of your personalized plan by June 1st, so you have the whole weekend to get ready to hit the ground running on Monday! We cannot wait to see how this challenge transforms you.