CrossFit Eclipse Summer Shred Challenge 2019

Team Nate or Team Grace… Who Will Win?


Summer time is coming around, as well as vacation, parties, lake time, and beach season. The temptations to eat any and everything are lurking. We have a solution for you to keep you on track and keep you moving towards your goal of living a healthy lifestyle while still being able to enjoy the finer things in life.
Our CFE 2019 Summer Shred Challenge, begins May 6th and will last for 6 weeks. Keeping you on track towards achieving those summer bod goals.
The challenge will be broken up into a format similar to our Eclipse Intramural Open. Two teams will go head to head, Team Nate and Team Grace, racking up points through our point system to see which team captain suffers punishment each week, and which one of YOU will become our grand prize winner

Point System Members will receive points based off of:
1. Working out at Eclipse (Triib Check-ins)
2. Logging their Food (Journal, Pictures, or MyFitnessPal)
3. Weight Loss
4. Body Fat % Loss
5. Muscle Gain
The members of this challenge will log these entries online at on a custom form specifically for this competition.
The challenge will include:
– One on One coaching
– Healthy Food Options
– Accountability
– 4 InBody Scans (Bi-Weekly)
– Team Grace or Team Nate T-Shirts (Optional $20/each)

Ready to get your Summer Shred On?! Pick either just the Challenge or the Challenge + a Team Nate or Grace Shirt Below!