Why are we called ChemePerformance?

ChemePerformance (CHEP) comes from our head coach’s background and knowledge in Chemical Engineering. The principles of Chemical Engineering include Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics to efficiently use, produce, transform, and transport chemicals, materials, and energy . We strongly believe these principles can directly be used to optimize human performance. Our program hinges on science and statistical validation to not only create optimum performance, but to maximize your health, cognitive function, and sense of well-being.

To accomplish your goals and aspirations, we break them down and distill them into daily actions. Our goal is to create action items that can be easily implemented into your daily life, and once you begin to implement them you will begin to see radical changes in your life. These radical changes are going to alter the way you work, train, compete, and live. And we know that you will like the “new you”.

While those donuts may “fit your macros” we aren’t going tell you that they are on your path to optimum health and performance. Because they aren’t.