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Our Mission Statement

ChemePerformance (CHEP for short) is committed to challenging the notion that eating for health and wellness is complicated and stressful, but instead something that should be simple and rewarding.


We know that proper nutrition is the foundation for every aspect of a meaningful life, and we want to share that message with the world.

Services We Offer

We realize one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer 3 different services to cover all the needs of our clients.


Optimize your mind through a personalized diet and supplementation plan that is intended to maximize your cognitive ability. This plan is ideal for the office workhorse, entrepreneur, academic, and anyone else trying to gain a mental edge.


Achieve the body of your dreams, improve your overall health, and develop your athletic abilities. This plan is similar to most other nutrition coaching plans. You will see  improvements in your athletic performance, health, wellbeing, mood, and body composition.


Take your game to the next level. Period. Performance clients undergo a rigorous proprietary analysis of their diet, lifestyle, and behavior. They receive a habit action plan, diet and supplementation protocols, and unlimited access to our team of experts. An application is required for performance clients.

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How We Do It

Detailed Analytics

When we say “your performance, chemically engineered” we mean it. Our results hinge on one of the key tenants of engineering, proprietary analyses of data, which have been developed by a Harvard Scientist, specifically for this program.


Habit Action Plan

If you don’t change your habits, then you will never change your life. Those who are successful with diet programs, are those who can piece together information themselves and fundamentally alter their day-to-day behaviors. Want to play guessing games on what works for you? We don’t either.

Macronutrient Guidance

What this is not: Fitting junk food into your macros and feeling good about yourself because you hit a certain number on grams of fiber. What this is: Stepping stones to developing consistency in your diet. Without consistency, you will never see the results.

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